Batavia 2003

Saturday 12/6/03- Motaro claimed for $3,500 by Russo, Guindon & Fay (TR-Lou Russo) from Joseph P. Stranges (TR-Joe Stranges)

Saturday 11/14/03- Joatross Star claimed for $5,000 by Tim Wilkes & Double D Double R Stable (TR-Donna Riedel) from Michael Calimeri (TR-Jim McNeight)

Saturday 9/13/03- Travis Trip claimed for $7,500 by Robert Gruber (TR-Robert Gruber) from Lawerence Rosiek & Kevin Cummings (TR-John Cummings Sr.)

Saturday 9/6/03- Cigar Lou claimed for $5,000 by Joe Barone and Timothy Wilkes (TR-Donna Riedel) from Eric Ruppert (TR-Bob Gruber)

Monday 9/1/03- He's A Sport claimed for $3,125 by Eugene Walek (TR-Bob Lacki) from Edward Dunnigan and Timothy Tickle (TR-Ed Dunnigan)

Saturday 8/30/03- Devil's Raider claimed for $7,500 by John Richter (TR-John Richter) from Bob Gruber (TR-Bob Gruber)

Wednesday 7/16/03- Jack-O-Lantern claimed for $2,500 by Rachelle Mungillo (TR-Steve Flanigen) from Joseph C. Oddo (TR-Robert Desmond Jr.)

Buffalo 2003

Saturday 7/12/03- Speed Rules claimed for $7,500 by Katie M. Carr-conshafter (TR-Timothy Dunlap) from Graham, Foster & Viola (TR-Jim Graham)

Saturday 6/28/03- Windstorm Hanover claimed for $5,000 by Sidney B. Easton (TR-Steve Flanigen) from Graham, Foster and Viola (TR-Jim Graham)

Wednesday 6/25/03- Big Picture claimed for $3,500 by Louis P. DiMarino (TR-Edward J McNeight) from Frank Masella Jr. and T.A. Wier Sr. (TR-John Mungillo)

Saturday 6/21/03- Buddys Best claimed for $5,000 by Aaron M. Verheyn (TR-Brenda Ohol) from John P. Cummings Sr. (TR-John Cummings Sr.)

Wednesday 5/28/03- TSM Star's Glory claimed for $4,375 by Jim McNeight (TR-Jim McNeight) from John J. Kevech (TR-Steve Schoeffel)

Wednesday 5/28/03- Marketing claimed for $2,500 by David Russo (TR-David Russo) from Kathleen Weller (TR-John Leggio)

Friday 5/9/03- Rama Hall claimed for $10,000 by Rama Farms (TR-Linda Sackett) from William Reardon (TR-Paul Szalay Jr.)

Friday 4/25/03- TSM Tigressive claimed for $5,000 by Rosemary Russo (TR-Louis Russo) from Andy W. Rickert (TR-Andy Rickert)

Friday 4/25/03- Rama Hall claimed for $10,000 by William Reardon (TR-Paul Szalay Jr.) from Rama Farms (TR-Ron Beback Jr.)

Wednesday 4/23/03- Dragon Colt claimed for $5,000 by One King Racing (TR-John Cummings Jr.) from Kathryn Louise Hart (TR-Loyd Rumfola)

Wednesday 4/23/03- Perfect Scooter claimed for $5,000 by Gerald Ott (TR-Bob Gruber) from Paul Szalay Jr. and William Reardon (TR-Paul Szalay Jr.)

Saturday 4/19/03- Dexters John claimed for $5,000 by Karen Szalay (TR-Paul Szalay Jr.) from C.R. Lord, R.R. Stashko & C. Chittenden (TR-Chris Chittenden)

Friday 4/18/03- Porker Lark Sister claimed for $5,075 by Tommy Bye (TR-Dennis Bucceri) from Karl T. Schoeffel & Brian P. Stossel (TR-Steve Schoeffel)

Saturday 4/12/03- Elite Passage claimed for $3,125 by Michael J. Sabatino (TR-John Cummings Jr.) from Linda Wittenberg (TR-Ed Newell)

Friday 4/4/03- Independance K claimed for $3,000 by David Russo (TR-David Russo) from Louis P DiMarino (TR-Gerald Keene)

Saturday 3/1/03- Sassys Ky Boy claimed for $5,000 by Tom Swift (TR-Linda Sackett) from Francis Bond (TR-Joe Carrubba)

Saturday 2/15/03- Hazard Angus claimed for $5,000 by Emilio Mozo (TR-Paul Szalay Jr.) from Stashko, Chittenden & Lord (TR-Chris Chittenden)

Saturday 2/8/03- Mostly Magic claimed for $7,500 by Robert Gruber III (TR-Bob Gruber) from Frank W. Mays (TR-Frank Mays)


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